Dar es Salaam, TZ: 11 Nov to 16 Nov

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Too hot to sleep. Spiritual implications: God please, I know its only supposed to get hotter, at least thats what all the veteran Dar folks say to make themselves sound more veteran, but could you work a miracle and cool it down a bitty bit? Please!! :)


The most rain I’ve seen fall in one day in Dar yet so far. With the amount of cloud cover proportionate to the amount of canceled swimming lessons, I couldn’t quite believe that God had answered my prayer so quickly! I have decided to treasure this day in the freezer of my memory, much as Bill Watterson’s Calvin saved up a valuable snowball in the freezer for a surprise attack on Susie in July.


The rains from yesterday have cooled everything off. Monday even saved us a bit of rain for this morning. How delightfully pleasant.


I’m sorry, did I say that Monday was the most rain I’ve ever seen in one day in Dar, clearly I was mistaken. Today it never cleared up. Today was my first day in Tanzania that I didn’t see the sun once. And the sheer volume of water that is capable of coming from the sky at one time is truly amazing. I enjoyed it! Must log today in my mental freezer along with Monday!


Because it rained all day yesterday and all through the night, the morning commute was brutal on my students. Roads were turned into waterfalls and front yards into lakes. Cars (and people) that wanted to go places, didn’t.


It hasn’t rained at all today and I’m worried that the short rains, which were predicted to last for the better part of two weeks, may be even shorter than their “short” describes. Bummer.

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