Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minnesota

UPDATE: After feedback on this design, I iterated and came up with a design I’m much happier with. Please visit the new post.

I just had a so much fun redesigning the flag for the city of Minneapolis that I felt inspired to redesign the flag for the great state of Minnesota. Same rules apply. You can find them in my Minneapolis flag post

Lets cut to the chase. The Minneapolis state flag violates nearly all of the rules of accepted vexillogical design guidelines. It contains a seal and text, it has more than three colors, its not very simple, and its not very symbolic or distinctive. Needless to say, its time for the state of Minnesota to have a flag it is proud to fly.

Look at this way. In the oft chance we were to secede from the Union, would this be the flag that unites the now sovereign state of Minnesota? I think not.


As I mentioned in my Minneapolis post, I’ve been inspired by the work of Zeus Jones and their logo for Minnesota United FC. I feel it captures Minnesota quite well and displays many flag-like qualities. Its quite a brilliant logo. The loon illustration is just so damn good that I feel its worthy of the state flag.


The loon evokes reminiscence of two of my favorite flags, Albania and Uganda, that also feature majestic avian creatures. Especially note double eagle of the Albanian flag.



With this inspiration, here is my proposal for the new flag of Minnesota:


Its a white based flag representing our collective embrace of winter. A light blue diagonal sash for the many many waterways and rivers of the land. But the best part of this flag features two of Zeus Jones’ loons mingling in front of the North Star; evoking a sense of awe, beauty, and yet strength. I’m reminded of a lyric in the song Minneapolis by Ben Kyle:

“Oh Minneapolis, I saw you and Saint Paul kiss underneath the moonlight in the Mississippi mist. I never saw a thing as beautiful as this”

This flag evokes a feeling of place and I’d proudly fly this flag at my home. Here’s the question, would you?

6 Responses to Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minnesota

  1. Erik

    2nd paragraph: “Minneapolis state flag”?

    “Secede” (as from a union) and “succeed” are different words. Zeus Jones is a firm, not a person, and definitely not a “he.”

    If he were, I’m sure he would be flattered but also raise an eyebrow at how his work was resized, mirrored, and incorporated.

    Your design sense is good; you’re clearly more an images person than a words person, and that’s cool, but a good proofreader would strengthen your case a lot. 😉

    • Brandon

      Thanks Erik. Corrections have been applied to the post. I appreciate the feedback.

      I agree its a bit odd that I’m repurposing the loon here. But its very strong iconography. Truthfully, I hope the state hires Zeus Jones – the firm 😉 – to do a complete rebranding for the state. They are good.

  2. kj

    I’m not sure that’d make a great state flag… but someone in the Dark Clouds should make that flag happen for games.

  3. Ian Langsev

    Hey, I honestly love both the Minneapolis flag and even the Minnesota proposal for a redesigned flag. I’d even challenge you to help out with St. Paul maybe give it an upgrade. I strongly urge you to try and spread these designs around to the public and try to get an upgrade for our cities and State. It would be awesome!

    I do have an idea for the Minnesota flag for you. Instead of the light blue diagonal sash. I’d replace it with the “Nordic Cross” instead. It would both point to the heavily Scandinavian population found in our State. And it would even represent our water in a better way, the vertical blue stripe would represent our beautiful Mississippi river and the way it flows from north to south. And the horizontal would be a reference to the “10,000+ lakes” we have in our wonderful State or even the Minnesota River that flows West to East into the Mississippi! I love the loon idea and the white Northstar idea. The blue could even signify not only water but even summer possibly (since the white represents winter).

    Just some feedback. Hopefully you like the proposal I had for your Minnesota flag idea.

    • Flag Guy

      The heavily Scandinavian population of…..

      North Minneapolis
      Red Lake
      East Side Saint Paul
      Southeastern Minnesota
      New Ulm


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