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10 Minnesota city flags, ranked from worst to absolute worst (and one that’s alright)

The only thing rarer than the sight of the majestic common loon on a Minnesota city lake is the actual sighting of a Minnesota city flag atop a flagpole. Published in City Pages. Continue reading

The love/hate relationship of Minneapolis to its Skyway. Part 1 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign.

Winters can get a bit cold in Minnesota so some downtown business owners thought it was wise to build random walkways connecting buildings to one another. The Minneapolis Skyway System was born. “The Skyway” is a convoluted and confusing collection of intra-building walkways that connects 2nd floors (and sometimes first floors) of most of, but not all of the buildings in Downtown Minneapolis. If Wikipedia is accurate, there are 11 miles worth of skyways – making it the largest skyway system in THE WORLD. Continue reading

Make the skyway map great for the first time. Part 2 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign project.

As pointed out in part 1, current versions of Minneapolis skyway maps are mostly cluttered and confusing – but I can’t really blame the map creators. It’s a confusing system! A literal skyway map is a mess any which way you try to attempt it. Just think of the layers of the skyway, you have streets, buildings, and the actual skyways, that zig and zag through a building. Continue reading

Better signage for the Skyway. Part 3 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign.

In part 2 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign series, I outlined the concept behind a minimalist map for the skyway. In part 1, I showed you the offensive signage for the skyways that exists now. Continue reading

Advice on how to be a well informed news consumer

tldr; [1] Support news orgs — [2] especially local ones. [3] Don’t let the social media firehose be your only source of news. [4] Sleep
Continue reading

Lessons from New Zealand’s disappointing (and now complete) flag referendum

New Zealanders finally completed voting in their flag referendum, but the results may be disappointing. PRI's vexillology expert looks at what's right — and mostly what's wrong — about this proposal. Continue reading

The latest design for a new Minnesota flag is inspired by l’etoile du nord

During the summer, I wrote a post explaining why the state of Minnesota needs a new flag and I presented a loon focused replacement. After posting, I was looking around for places to share the design and came across a Facebook Group dedicated to a new flag for Minnesota. I joined, shared the link, received very helpful feedback and was inspired to develop a much better design. Continue reading

It’s down to four. A New Zealand panel unveils alternate flag options, to a largely negative reaction.

Kiwis aren’t showing their enthusiasm toward the final four alternate flags they’ll be allowed to choose between. We analyze the results. Continue reading

New Zealand is set to fly a new flag. Check out some of the proposals.

New Zealand is in the process of updating its flag. Our resident flag enthusiast weighs in on the choices. Continue reading

Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minnesota

UPDATE: After feedback on this design, I iterated and came up with a design I’m much happier with. Please visit the new post. Continue reading