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If this is how history remembers King, how will it remember us?

The plight of racism in the modern day is a tricky one. At this juncture, as a collective society, most of us believe that racism is harmful and shameful. However, that shift in society happened before many of us (by us, I am talking to myself and my white community) had taken much thought to just how deep racism has been ingrained into the fabric of our society. We don’t identify as racist because we don’t believe that those with light skin are better than those with dark skin. Most of us would not self-identify with white supremacist philosophy. How then is it that racism still exists in our very own local communities. Continue reading

I’m thankful for my Northside community, not stupid for living here

I choose to live in North Minneapolis because my neighborhood is a rich community of diverse people in which we really look out for each other and support the wellbeing of the community. We know that North Minneapolis has its challenges with poverty, crime, violence, and overcoming stigma and stereotype. Continue reading

Observations from standing in solidarity with my community

Many of you know that I live in North Minneapolis. The latest Black Lives Matter protests in response to Jamar Clark being killed by an MPD officer this last weekend have been occurring only a few miles from my home. I’ve followed various BLM movements as they responded to other police killings of citizens of color, but it really hits at a different level when it happens in your very own community, at your home. Continue reading

Tis the Season to Go Back to School

When the end of August rolls around, I am really tiring of the heat. I begin to look forward to fall, the season of light jackets, turning leaves, local football, sweatshirts, and the next season of Survivor. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the newness that the new school year brings. Continue reading

Reflections on Motherhood for Mothers Day

Recently I’ve been reflecting on Motherhood (in addition to doing motherhood). Maybe it has something to do with wanting to be able to say wonderful things to the mothers in my life on Mothers Day and in order to do that well and to say true and uplifting things instead of empty or Hallmark marketed things that don’t actually have the thought behind them. Continue reading

Necessary Book Reviews Part 1: So Much!

My nine month old daughter is now finally playing with a few of the many books that have been given to her. I was a little worried at her lack of interest back when she lacked the strength and muscle control to turn pages, but now, her Baby Touch and Feel Animals is one of her all time faves. In fact, now that she has gained the strengths and muscle “control”, I’m a little worried that the book has unknowingly come under a new destiny of being ripped apart someday. Continue reading

Rachel the Red Contemplates Color

Ever stop to wonder about color? Why do we see in color? Are there other colors that we can’t see and can’t fathom? Why do we associate different colors with emotions? Continue reading

Dealing with Tragedy: Thoughts on God’s Love Not Wrath

I’m aware that humankind has been trying to explain unexplainable tragedy and suffering since the dawn of time. Earlier this summer our very own North Minneapolis was hit by a F2 tornado on the same day that Joplin, MO was hit by an even more devastating F5 twister. These images reminded me of the images of Japan; which reminded me of images of Haiti; which reminded me of merciless acts of nature like Katrina and the tsunami off the coast of Indonesia. All told, these disasters have really made me think about the human bucket of attempted reason. Continue reading

Snow Showers

Today in Minneapolis, one look outdoors offers a reminder that winter is not yet over. A few months ago, back when people were excited about the first major snowfalls (at least the winter enthusiasts) Continue reading

Year of Reading in Review

Year in review: books

Last year at this time, I made a New Years resolution to read one book each month. I made a few other resolutions, but since I can’t even remember them, I obviously can’t report any improvement on their account. I’m not really a very disciplined person so it doesn’t really phase me that I wasn’t able to keep the forgotten resolutions, but it does phase me, in a very positive way, that I was able to complete the reading commitment. Below, you will find the twelve books that I read this year Continue reading