B’s Book Reviews: TR and Miller

Some of you may be shocked to find out that I read. Mainly my family. But I do enjoy reading. Here are two books I recommend. One about, perhaps, the most fascinating American to have worked from the Oval Office; and one about a self reflecting Christian looking to live a better story.

TR: Teddy Roosevelt

Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough was an exhaustive look into the life of Theodore Roosevelt from birth until he turned 30. This clan of Roosevelts was fascinating.  At many points throughout the book I had the thought that I wanted to be a New York millionaire in the late 1800’s. For example, at two points in TR’s upbringing, his father just took a break from work for a year and they traveled the world. Basically took year long vacations with his entire family.

In today’s world that would be unheard of. It seems today’s Wall Street bankers can’t take a lunch without being bombarded with the ups and downs of the stock market. That may be part of the problem with our current economic crisis.

Do I recommend it? This book is for any fan of history or someone just curious on a time that has passed.


A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life by Donald Miller was the follow up to Blue Like Jazz. In this new book, Miller is offered the chance to turn Blue Like Jazz into a movie. Thusly, he has to make his life interesting enough for a movie.

The introspection and honesty displayed surpasses that of his previous book. No other Christian author writes about themselves in this way. So while Miller’s honesty is completely refreshing; this book is also completely challenging. You see him transform.

Do I recommend it? Everyone should read this book, full stop.

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