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Advice on how to be a well informed news consumer

tldr; [1] Support news orgs — [2] especially local ones. [3] Don’t let the social media firehose be your only source of news. [4] Sleep
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Necessary Book Reviews Part 1: So Much!

My nine month old daughter is now finally playing with a few of the many books that have been given to her. I was a little worried at her lack of interest back when she lacked the strength and muscle control to turn pages, but now, her Baby Touch and Feel Animals is one of her all time faves. In fact, now that she has gained the strengths and muscle “control”, I’m a little worried that the book has unknowingly come under a new destiny of being ripped apart someday. Continue reading

United States in Texture Wallpaper

While writing my recent post about redrawing the state lines, I came across a few maps featuring different layouts for maps. Three maps stood out that drew inspiration for a custom map themed wallpaper. The following is a list of the maps: Continue reading

Year of Reading in Review

Year in review: books

Last year at this time, I made a New Years resolution to read one book each month. I made a few other resolutions, but since I can’t even remember them, I obviously can’t report any improvement on their account. I’m not really a very disciplined person so it doesn’t really phase me that I wasn’t able to keep the forgotten resolutions, but it does phase me, in a very positive way, that I was able to complete the reading commitment. Below, you will find the twelve books that I read this year Continue reading

I love you…tube (again??)

Just thought I’d share some more videos again. Isn’t it fun every once in a while? Continue reading

I love you… tube II

Here are six more youtube videos that I find either cute, funny, intelligent, or all three. enjoy. Continue reading

Conflict, New Life, and Falling over Hurdles: A Better Story!

I just finished Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It really blessed me. It was new and refreshing to really think of my life as a story. I am my story’s main character and I want to claim my story as my own and strive to make it a good one! Here are some thoughts about how I’d love to do that: Continue reading

I don't want to waste your time, either

Tuesday night was one of those nights where it pays to have fabulous friends who love great music and grand art. You see, I have this friend called Consecrated*, who happens to be just that friend rubbing off on me her appreciation for great music and grand art. Continue reading

April Book: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Even though it is technically May, I wanted to catch you all up on what I have been reading during the last month and my quick thoughts on it. I chose to read Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey because I understood that usually when I read the Bible, I feel like I’m seriously missing something… the Bible should be more significant and brilliant than I was finding it. Continue reading

I love you… tube!

Here are eight youtube videos that I just appreciate. Most of them are of things that I wish I could claim as either my own idea or my own involvement… but alas they are not. Yet I share them with you. Perhaps for fun, but perhaps for inspiration? Continue reading