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Life as a parked loaner – a memorial to my first vehicle

At 12:01 am this Sunday morning we received a call informing us that my first vehicle — occasionally referred to as Dak — passed away from this life due to the immediate and unrecoverable injuries sustained after being plowed into by a Ford F150 while uninhabited and legally parked on a Minneapolis street. Dak was 15 years old. (Aside: No humans were hurt) Continue reading

Tis the Season to Go Back to School

When the end of August rolls around, I am really tiring of the heat. I begin to look forward to fall, the season of light jackets, turning leaves, local football, sweatshirts, and the next season of Survivor. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the newness that the new school year brings. Continue reading

Necessary Book Reviews Part 1: So Much!

My nine month old daughter is now finally playing with a few of the many books that have been given to her. I was a little worried at her lack of interest back when she lacked the strength and muscle control to turn pages, but now, her Baby Touch and Feel Animals is one of her all time faves. In fact, now that she has gained the strengths and muscle “control”, I’m a little worried that the book has unknowingly come under a new destiny of being ripped apart someday. Continue reading

Unnecessary Book Review: Baby Touch and Feel Animals

As a new dad, I have been exposed to a new world of books. Namely, books designed for babies. My daughter is now nearly five months old and is beginning to touch everything and put everything into her mouth. I’m beginning to learn that the baby book industry (aka ‘Big Baby Book’) is catering to this high demand. Pages are typically indestructible and edible chewable. Continue reading

Bumps, Supermarket Sweeps, and Musicians: Three Simple Ways to Improve Society

Here are a few ideas and thoughts to improve the society in which we live. They are not grand, life changing ideas like the ones commonly found on my friend’s Mind of Maus weblog. But they should suffice in improving the overall quality of your life. Continue reading

Snow Showers

Today in Minneapolis, one look outdoors offers a reminder that winter is not yet over. A few months ago, back when people were excited about the first major snowfalls (at least the winter enthusiasts) Continue reading

Holiday Musings from My Home to Yours

With this day being the last of 2010, I couldn’t help but to offer up some thoughts on some of the many Holidays that occur this time each year before this time of year passes by to the doldrums of winter. Continue reading

How You Doin??

Consider this random encounter in a random hallway at a random place where there are random people who know each other:

“Hi, How are ya?”

“Oh hey! I’m good, how’s it going with you?”

“I’m fine, see ya later!”

I’ve heard many people complain about the inauthentic nature of this conversation. In fact, I’ve maybe complained as well about such greetings that are so typical in our modern social setting. We all know that these passing statements aren’t usually an invitation to share an accurate depiction of our emotional temperature, they are, in brief, greetings, and therefore they are… brief. Continue reading

Power of Word Wallpaper

Sometimes I like to design… I’m lucky because since I’m married to a graphic designer, I get to play on his cool expensive design software that I certainly could not afford to pack on my own laptop just for fun.

Sometimes I’ll design something and think… “huh, no what in the world would I ever do with this… I suppose if I ever REALLY liked something I made, I could print it out and hang it on my refrigerator” But today I’m displaying something I made that Brandon thought keen to turn into a wallpaper. Continue reading

I love you…tube (again??)

Just thought I’d share some more videos again. Isn’t it fun every once in a while? Continue reading