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Advice on how to be a well informed news consumer

tldr; [1] Support news orgs — [2] especially local ones. [3] Don’t let the social media firehose be your only source of news. [4] Sleep
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If this is how history remembers King, how will it remember us?

The plight of racism in the modern day is a tricky one. At this juncture, as a collective society, most of us believe that racism is harmful and shameful. However, that shift in society happened before many of us (by us, I am talking to myself and my white community) had taken much thought to just how deep racism has been ingrained into the fabric of our society. We don’t identify as racist because we don’t believe that those with light skin are better than those with dark skin. Most of us would not self-identify with white supremacist philosophy. How then is it that racism still exists in our very own local communities. Continue reading

I’m thankful for my Northside community, not stupid for living here

I choose to live in North Minneapolis because my neighborhood is a rich community of diverse people in which we really look out for each other and support the wellbeing of the community. We know that North Minneapolis has its challenges with poverty, crime, violence, and overcoming stigma and stereotype. Continue reading

Observations from standing in solidarity with my community

Many of you know that I live in North Minneapolis. The latest Black Lives Matter protests in response to Jamar Clark being killed by an MPD officer this last weekend have been occurring only a few miles from my home. I’ve followed various BLM movements as they responded to other police killings of citizens of color, but it really hits at a different level when it happens in your very own community, at your home. Continue reading

Adventures in Vexillology Mailbag: The World’s Worst and Most Disappointing Flags

You may remember that during London 2012, David Kroeker-Maus and I took our first adventure in vexillology and ranked our favorite flags. We just couldn’t let Sochi 2014 come and go without discussing more flags, this time the ones we don’t particularly care for. But instead of individual rankings, we produced a Bill Simmons / Malcolm Gladwell inspired mailbag. We hope you enjoy it… Continue reading

The hypocrisy between a country’s political philosophy and how its sports leagues are run

Julio is a American from Alabama. He just received his Masters in Engineering, tops in his class, from MIT. But this year, the top 100 engineering firms got together and selected one by one candidates to fill their available positions. It ensured that engineering talent was properly spread out around the country and decreased costs on the hiring process. The companies also determined that the underperforming firms would get to choose their candidates first. Continue reading

Ending the Cycle of Violence

A few hours after the explosions at the Boston Marathon, the President took to the podium to say roughly: we will find out who did it and why and they will be held accountable. We knew exactly what he meant. The perpetrator(s) will meet a violent end. The American public will expect nothing less.

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