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Fix FIFA by electing me as its next President

It is now official, I am running for the office of the FIFA President. FIFA has the distinct privilege to govern the world’s most popular and talked about game. Even if you only know a little bit about association football, you can join a conversation with almost anyone in this world, even the in the United States.

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How to remove bribery from FIFA’s World Cup selection process

I’ve been hooked. The first three weeks of this World Cup has featured some of the most brilliant and exciting soccer ever played. However, in the back of my mind I’m still thinking about Qatar hosting a World Cup. Seriously, after watching players struggle to play in the heat and humidity of Brazil, is FIFA still planning on holding a World Cup in the much hotter Qatar? Even after the corrupt voting process where millions of dollars of bribes were used to sway votes to a plan that shouldn’t even been on the table? Even after the known abuses toward a captive migrant workforce? Continue reading

The hypocrisy between a country’s political philosophy and how its sports leagues are run

Julio is a American from Alabama. He just received his Masters in Engineering, tops in his class, from MIT. But this year, the top 100 engineering firms got together and selected one by one candidates to fill their available positions. It ensured that engineering talent was properly spread out around the country and decreased costs on the hiring process. The companies also determined that the underperforming firms would get to choose their candidates first. Continue reading

Looking to rugby for an answer to the pointless extra point

The extra point is now pointless, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Being someone that is typically pro rule change this is music to my ears. However, Goodell’s proposal  just feels wrong. Here it is summed up: A touchdown is automatically worth 7 points, unless the scoring teams attempts to run an additional play for an attempt at an additional point, but if that play is unsuccessful you lose a point. Please try to explain that to a non-football fan. It would just add to an increasingly confusing and over regulated rule book.

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How to get rid of the ping pong balls: An alternative to the World Cup Draw

For an organization that is against match fixing of matches, it is ironic that FIFA uses ping pong balls to determine the placement of teams into eight groups for the worlds most important sporting event. It just shows a general lack of common sense and lack of will. There’s just too much on the line to run a lottery, especially when an easy and fair approach is so obvious. Continue reading

How to have a NCAA Champion without Computers, Polls, or Committees

Thankfully this is the final year of the BCS in college football. However, the system being put in place is still prone to controversy. Only four teams will be in a playoff decided upon by a committee, leaving many potentially worthy teams out. While the new playoff system is better than the BCS, it is not bulletproof. College football needs to be able to crown a champion that is undisputed. Here’s how. Continue reading

Play 60 Not 200: Proposed NFL Rule Changes for Picking up the Pace

Every year NFL games seem to get longer and longer. Most take three to three and a half real hours to play 60 minutes of actual game. So lets pick up the pace a bit by setting a goal to have games played in a 2.5 hour window. Here’s how: Continue reading

A Proposal for a Unified Soccer Schedule

As a sports reform enthusiast, I can’t resist chiming in on something as broken as soccer’s schedule. It is really quite a joke. By the end of the posting, I will have fixed this issue for FIFA. Now all FIFA needs to do is show some political capital and get it implemented. Continue reading

Adventures in Vexillology: The Top 10 Best Designed Flags

David, the mind and Maus behind the always thought provoking, recently approached me with an idea for a collaborative blog post. Here is the chat excerpt:

“…we each write a post or series of posts ranking our top [10] picks for best national flag. You do it from a design perspective. I’ll rank them on historical/political symbolism…” Continue reading

Gymnastics is Hard (to Watch)

Let’s cut to the chase, gymnastics is bothering me more than in previous Olympics. I’ll admit, I really respect the work ethic and skill that these athletes display. Yet, Gymnastics just feels hard. Would you believe a gymnast if they said it is fun? I don’t. And that’s just the beginning of my troubles. Continue reading