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Safari Njema

Since I have had my first experience outside the United States, I have occasionally wondered what motivates us as Americans to travel internationally. Usually the ability to travel across various national borders is associated with a certain financial status, as transportation is expensive. Continue reading

Tanzania: Final Thoughts

On June 24th, 2008, we stepped off of the plane and arrived back in the US. Thank you for the support you provided us while we were in Dar es Salaam. We really saw how God used us in the 11 months we served at HOPAC. In this edition of the website we will share a little bit of how He did. Continue reading

Sweat, Safaris, and Santa-Sightings

In the existence of a typical Midwesterner this title makes absolutely no sense. You may understand that sweat and safari may go together in some sense, but Santa? He’s a resident of the North Pole. Lame introduction and alliterated title aside, Rachel and I experienced this this Christmas. Continue reading


Being in an international community, I have had to get used to a number of new things. One of which is getting acquainted with a new identity. At home in the United States, I may have a number of identities depending on those whom I am around. To name a few, I may be known as a sister, daughter, wife, Christian, friend, employee, neighbor, Minnesotan, or Iowan (whenever individuals attempt a derogatory stab towards the inhabitants of my blessed Grant Wood Homeland). Continue reading

A Weather Report

Dar es Salaam, TZ: 11 Nov to 16 Nov

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Too hot to sleep. Spiritual implications: God please, I know its only supposed to get hotter, at least thats what all the veteran Dar folks say to make themselves sound more veteran, but could you work a miracle and cool it down a bitty bit? Please!! Continue reading

Daily Shorts from Dar

October 7, 2007

Living in Africa means I get to see a lot of wildlife. Yet in the three months of living in Dar I have yet to see an elephant, monkey, or lion. Living in a large city means the privilege of becoming acquainted with different kind of beasts, the undesirable kind, ranging from imported Indian crows to cockroaches the size of a thumb. Continue reading

A Teacher at Last!

Tanzania, Haven of Peace Academy, 6th grade English, this place fits me! I finally had my simple realizations that I am officially a teacher. I’d been believing that I lacked the talent/ability/proper education to be a teacher for so long that when my current profession dawned on me, it caught me by quite an unexpected surprise. Continue reading

First Thoughts


Hot. Sticky. And my skin is choking on the stale clothes that I haven’t taken off in two days. Hair that hasn’t been washed in two days. Two days? No, surely it hasn’t been that long, I haven’t slept a night’s sleep yet. But, yes, I guess this is day two of airplanes, airports, passports, lines, and “please put your liquids in this plastic baggy for inspection”. Continue reading

A Thought Collection: Week One in Dar es Salaam

I’ve come to the realization that Jesus’ method of loving others by washing their feet can only be truly appreciated today in certain parts of the world. One evening when I was climbing into bed, never being so aware of the dry and dirty state of my feet, I was reminded of the many references to feet washing there are in the Bible. Continue reading

Tanzania vs. Uganda

Somebody mentioned sometime during our orientation to Tanzanian life that stress comes when our expectations don’t line up with reality. Because I had already visited Africa once before, my expectations were built rather solidly around my prior Ugandan experiences. Many of these line up with TZ culture, but some don’t. I don’t quite know why I though Ugandan life and Tanzanian life would be identical. Certainly, living in Minneapolis is different than living in Chicago or Boston or San Diego. Continue reading