Daily Shorts from Dar

October 7, 2007

Living in Africa means I get to see a lot of wildlife. Yet in the three months of living in Dar I have yet to see an elephant, monkey, or lion. Living in a large city means the privilege of becoming acquainted with different kind of beasts, the undesirable kind, ranging from imported Indian crows to cockroaches the size of a thumb. Today hasn’t been a good day in this department. I have been home maybe four hours since awaking and I have already noticed the newly acquired pinkish hue of the stray cat that has recently had kittens in our compound. This is the same cat that has ran into my house on two separate occasions begging for food. Both times it was met by the end of the broom. It has Satan eyes and sharp teeth but it got beat up by the chicken. Yes, the yet to be named chicken, in all of its featherless glory beat up the stray cat when attacked. The chicken was purchased by the girls in one house as a gift for the girls in the other house on our compound. But the chicken also comes up to you begging for food. It pecks at you. I attempted to take out the trash today, and the chicken was running, more like hopping, towards the trash bag when I swirled back into the house. Fortunately, the broom was in a handy locations and I used it to protect the trash. Then came the evening. Rachel and I had just hosted a successful AIM small group meeting and upon escorting our guests to the door, a rat ran by and into the kitchen. It was ugly and in our pantry. I went to our night guard to see if he could help me trap it. We were unfortunately unsuccessful. Currently there is a rat in the kitchen (we think), and Rachel wants apple juice. Where is my broom?

October 9, 2007

The rat managed to eat the cheese on the trap without springing it, twice. Little bugger. New tactics are necessary and were implemented tonight. Rat Poison spread over a beef skewer, we could easily get across the street. Total cost 500 shillings (about 50 cents).

October 10, 2007

I looked cautiously into the kitchen to tell if our new plan had worked. There it laid on the kitchen floor just in front of the refrigerator. The rat was dead. Behind it was a streak of blood extending into the pantry. This time the trap had worked. But the poison no doubt aided in the removal of the undesirable. We swept it up and threw it out.

October 12, 2007

One of our guards notified us the stray cat had died. Probable cause: In the garbage can (rubbish bin, dust bin) laid the left over rat poison seasoned skewers. The cat ate them.

October 15, 2007

We leave for the States (for my brother’s wedding) in peace knowing there are only cockroaches the size of my thumb, and maybe some mosquitoes, oh yeah the flies, and the crows, and that stupid rooster awaiting us when we return.

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