During our momentary drop down into Eastern Iowa for the Fourth of July weekend, we were able to swing over into Des Moines to be with my Grandpa as he celebrated his 81st birthday and spend time with my cousin before he is deployed to Afghanistan.

Grandpa has had many birthdays, but this is the first time Jesse has ever been deployed. Conversation hovered around the latter, lesser known event:

A troop of a hundred or so men, hopefully they’ll get a few women to join them because they’re not allowed to speak to or look at Afghan women. Not staying at the base, living in an Afghan village for nine months. Will learn Farsi when he gets there. A gunner in a humvee. Humvees made to blow out instead of up when hit by a mine? Jess… all of a sudden you’re a serious grown-up! I’m so proud of you, (not just because you’re doing something exceptionally brave, but because you’ve always been special to me) and I can’t wait to hear what this experience is like for you, but you better do everything within your power to be safe ok?

2 Responses to Deployed

  1. Carl

    Go America!

  2. Karen Biere

    I’m proud of Jesse and I am praying for his safety in Afganistan and a safe return home. Go Jesse!

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