Holiday Musings from My Home to Yours

With this day being the last of 2010, I couldn’t help but to offer up some thoughts on some of the many Holidays that occur this time each year before this time of year passes by to the doldrums of winter.

Holiday Greetings

Santa's hiding behind a tree because there's a War on Christmas going on.

It would seem rather rude and not very friendly of me to offer up my Holiday Greetings to you all. 2010 was a big year for the rachelbrandon blog and we certainly appreciate your loyal readership and comments.

There are many ways to greet each other over the Holidays. Yet there are some out there that feel offended if one does not greet them with a “Merry Christmas” and some that may be offended if I do.

As an Evangelical Christian I find myself even a bit self-conscious about which greeting to use. On one hand I’m constantly reminded in church circles to not forget the reason for the season, Jesus. Thus, I’m encouraged to use Merry Christmas.

For example a friend recently sent Rachel and I an email. It began:

“Hey Hundts, I hope you’re having happy holidays (I’m not part of the War on Christmas, I just realized I had a chance to have 6 of my first 9 words start with ‘H’).”

Knowing this friend and his propensity to use social humor at any given opportunity and that his sentence was a ultimately a funny joke, it still bothers me that there are Christians who feel victimized by anyone in society that uses a non-religious greeting and liken it to a war on the birth of our Jesus. This is not persecution.

It doesn’t bother me when a local school district changes the name of Christmas Break to Winter Break. It is still winter isn’t it? Honestly, if Christians in this country only feel persecuted by how a vacation is named, we got it pretty good.

Yet when in the “secular” world I lean more towards a general Happy Holidays. Sure, the word holiday implies that it is a holy day, so there still is a sense of religious fervor, but its hidden enough and broad enough that it is generally safe to say. Forgive me if I try not to come across offensive.

There’s always Season’s Greetings, it’s secular and weather safe, but overall I have a problem with how Season’s Greetings seems to only imply winter. If someone were to say it to me, I would really interpret it to mean “Winter says Hello.” Oh, thanks a lot. My least favorite season is taunting me. Say it in summer, and you will only remind me that winter is around the corner.

But then again, you should be able to say Season’s Greetings in any season, whether summer, winter, fall, rainy, or dry. This time of year greets you.

So I am relieved when Christmas has past. I can now stick with saying Happy New Year to you, unless you are Chinese, then I’ll just say Good Day to you.

The New Year

I was thinking about the New Year yesterday when I had the thought, “What makes January 1st the “New Year”? Doesn’t that seem to be oddly placed?”.

Think about it, the winter Solstice occurs on December 22nd. Wouldn’t it would make more sense for the shortest day of the year to be the first or last day of the year? Or the Summer Solstice, the longest day could constitute the New Year as well, or should it be a day halfway between the solstices? Why do the Chinese use a completely different day for their New Year?

Apparently the Romans didn't need snow gear.

So I did a bit of research and found that the Romans created a calendar so that the new year coincided with the presumed date in which Jesus was born. Yes, we have the Romans to thank for lumping a bunch of fun celebrations into the course of two winter weeks.

Wouldn’t it have been great to have these two holidays in June or July in weather you could actually go outside in and not have to worry about two more inches of snow like it is today?

Holiday Songs

There are three Christmas songs that have seemed to creep their way into the 20 song loop most Christmas stations seem to play. Each one of them has worn themselves out. They just need to go away.

  1. The biggest offender is the Beach Boys’ Christmas Comes this time each year. Thank you for this guys. I know Christmas does come this time each year. Got anything thing else to add? No? There’s no story, plot, or good thought. Just the obvious in this song.
  2. Next song that needs to go is Sir Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time. He’s Simply having a Wonderful Christmas time. Over and Over. The word is out. Paul McCartney is Simply having a Wonderful Christmas time. Congrats. It’s like reading a bad Christmas Card with a synthesizer.
  3. The final selection may be a shock to some, as it is John Lennon’s Have a Happy Christmas. But like some of his solo work it is overrated. I can’t understand what the kids choir is saying. It’s kind of like taking a movie with a good concept, but one that relies on child actors. It just won’t be that good. But overall the song just seems cliche and has a chorus that is obvious and lame.

Well that wraps my Holiday musings. I would like to hear your thoughts and feedback, please feel free to comment below. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or New Year.

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