Here are eight youtube videos that I just appreciate. Most of them are of things that I wish I could claim as either my own idea or my own involvement… but alas they are not. Yet I share them with you. Perhaps for fun, but perhaps for inspiration?

What are your youtube faves?

This one my mom sent to me this weekend… must give credit where credit is due, and she found it.

These next two are from a group called Improve Everywhere. Basically they just want to make scenes that are kind of abnormal but really fun. Check out their website or more videos on YouTube for more info.

3 Responses to I love you… tube!

  1. cara

    thanks for allowing me to not do homework for another thirty minutes!

  2. amy

    i agree with cara! what a great way to procrastinate! keep it comin!

  3. Kortknee

    yet a fine addition to coffee time in the morning!

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