If Obama is a Muslim, is he isn't very good at it

In the last couple of weeks a report came out suggesting that 18% of Americans believe that President Obama is in fact a Muslim. That’s a higher percentage than there are dissenting dentists! Think about it, typically 9 out of 10 dentists agree.

To put a number like 18% into greater perspective, we need to remember that there are 300 million citizens in this great land, meaning that 54 million Americans think Obama is a Muslim. That’s higher than the population of any single state, and roughly the populations of California and New York combined.

This is a large enough chunk of people that I can’t help but wonder if they are on to something. It made me ask the question, if in fact Barack Obama is a Muslim, is he any good at it?

To determine whether Obama is or is not a good Muslim, I am going to pull out some of the well known rules of Islam and see if he is abiding.

It is well known that the Qur’an specifically forbids the drinking of alcohol and the eating of pork, how does Barack do?

BEER: While Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to be a heavy drinker, he has been seen drinking in public, most recently with the Prime Minister. I don’t imagine a good Muslim would drink, most especially in public.

PORK: On the pork front, it has been reported that Obama does eat pork. Afterall, he is from Chicago and it is my opinion that Chicago is the hardest city to avoid pork in. Pork is just too good. Strike Two.

Seemingly if there’s a chance for Obama being consider a “good or even faithful Muslim” we must look into where Obama worships. Does he attend a Mosque to pray?

WORSHIP: Obama has attended a church on the South Side of Chicago since the age of 26 until running for President. This Church is not a Mosque. The church, has a Pastor that has said some questionable things about America, but he still isn’t an Imam. Therefore, we can solidly conclude that Obama has chosen to attend a Christian house of worship and not a Mosque.

Well there you have it. Strike Three. The evidence is overwhelming, that if Barack Obama is a Muslim, he is not a very good one.

In all truth, 54 million Americans have been misled and ill-informed on an issue that seems relatively clear to anyone that takes a truly objective look at the issue. Whether you like the guy or not, Obama is clearly on Team Jesus.

4 Responses to If Obama is a Muslim, is he isn't very good at it

  1. Kyle Collins

    Obama is whatever you want him to be.

    (Also: This just in! 18% of Americans assume that every religious person with a funny name is Muslim.)

  2. Troy Solava

    Team Jesus! BUt you never know he may “CHANGE” one day…

  3. susan your mom

    since the Obama’s haven’t chosen a church to attend in Washington, I would question weather he is anything., most likely the same as the 18% who think he is a Muslim.

  4. Brandon

    I guess you can argue that case, although he is a “Christian” in the sense of belonging to people group called “Christian.” However, he is certainly not a Muslim in any sense of the term.

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