Pessimistically Optimistic

Rachel is currently watching America’s Next Top Model. Therefore, I am full force into ignore the television mode. I threw on the headphones, pulled up on the right side of the screen and started typing on the left. Seriously, anything is better than listening to Tyra Banks speak, GIRL. Anythang. Even subjecting myself to the frigid hitting White Sox.I keep telling myself that Sox will heat up with the weather. But how can that happen when it continues to look colder in Chicago than Minneapolis every time I turn on a game?

I guess the only solace I get is that doesn’t show commercials. Considering the fact that tonight’s game is on WGN, it also means I get to see the first pitch of every inning. Sorry standard TV viewer, but I know why a random Tampa Ray is standing on 2nd base before Sox play by play guy Hawk Harreleson even says a word, and you don’t. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s not all that great. I would have been okay not seeing that double. Maybe WGN is on to something. Between the Sox and Cubs, Chicagoans probably don’t need to see every pitch.

Speaking of Hawk Harrelson, he enjoys using the phrase ducksnort. Basically, it is a weakly hit ball that lands for a single. Mark Buehrle is pitching tonight, and the Rays have not hit him hard, but every ball seems to be finding a hole. Ducksnorts. You know its bad when Buehrle got two outs in a tough inning off of pickoff moves. Anyway, it would be nice to have a guy on our team that is good for one or two ducksnorts a game. Just sayin.

I can tell Rachel is tired of me sighing and cringing and complaining about a baseball game. You probably are too. Therefore, I’m going on a positive offensive. It is still early in this season. Pittsburgh is in second place yet. I know the Sox will get it going. This is still a strong team that can challenge for the division. It’s not yours yet Twins fans.

Here are my reasons why the Sox will eventually start rolling, and win the AL Central Division.

  1. The Weather. It gets better in May, and stays better through September. I wish there was an easily obtainable statistic to measure the average temperature a team has played all their games in. I guarantee you the Sox have had the coldest schedule thus far. Readers prove my hunch wrong!
  2. The Bullpen. It’s lights out. There’s only one guy I don’t trust (Randy Williams) and thats a good thing. How many teams can say there’s only one guy they don’t trust? So when the bats do start, we will be able to hold leads and keep games close.
  3. Starting Pitching. It’s a tough rotation.
  4. Resurgent Andruw Jones. An incentives laden contract seems to be motivating him thus far. He is going to get the Most Improved Player award, and make a run at MVP.
  5. Kenny Williams. If the Sox aren’t hitting .250 as a team 60 games into the year. Kenny Williams will trade the farm for Adrian Gonzalez, and get a good hitter. In fact, he should do this regardless. It would be nice to have a .300 type hitter in the middle of the lineup.
  6. Defense. The Sox lost a boat load of games last year with errors, but still had a good shot at the division. The defense is much more reliable this year.

There, I feel better. Oh no, Randy “Bases Loaded Walk” Williams just starting warming up in the pen. Come on, calm down. I just need to tell myself again, the White Sox will start to hit, and when they do, look out. Just please remember this post come September, so you will know I remained optimistic even during this stretch.

OF NOTE: In case you were wondering Randy Williams just walked into two runs after walking the bases loaded. Fortunately, the game in question was already out of reach.

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