Sometimes I like to design… I’m lucky because since I’m married to a graphic designer, I get to play on his cool expensive design software that I certainly could not afford to pack on my own laptop just for fun.

Sometimes I’ll design something and think… “huh, no what in the world would I ever do with this… I suppose if I ever REALLY liked something I made, I could print it out and hang it on my refrigerator” But today I’m displaying something I made that Brandon thought keen to turn into a wallpaper.

I guess wallpaper is all the rage for certain circles of people, or at least that’s what I’m told. Because generally I’m a trusting person, especially when its Brandon telling me all about wallpaper, I allowed him to turn it into one! So without further ado…

2 Responses to Power of Word Wallpaper

  1. Dan "da man"

    Very nice! That’s one of the few things I can’t do with old-skool version of Photoshop. Oh well….

  2. Rachel

    Thanks Dan, I actually did this on illustrator. Brandon is still the photoshopper here, I guess we work well together?

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