Project Dreading Photos

Two weeks ago Consecrated dreaded my head. If you are ever wondering about the commitment level of a friend to you and your relationship, ask them to dread your hair. If they stick it out, they will stick with you through anything else you will ever encounter in life. This is a salute to Miss Consecrated for all the long hours, the sore thumbs, the weird schedules, photo documentation, and for being a friend that I know will always stand by me. : )

In the beginning there was just one. It took an hour to create that one. A very special beginning: Andromeda.

and by the middle of the second day, Andromeda gained some friends. She still wasn't super popular, but together they could achieve pony-tail status! Ps. Did you notice I'm perusing my own blog?

And the Lord added to their number daily.

finally finished! four days later! can you see how thrilled brandon is?

This was taken after waxing... after waxing, you have to wash your hands. And while washing the hands, you have to look in the mirror and admire the fruits of someone else's labor!

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