Rachel the Red Contemplates Color

Ever stop to wonder about color? Why do we see in color? Are there other colors that we can’t see and can’t fathom? Why do we associate different colors with emotions?

My living room is painted orange and I love it! It looks warm and vibrant and alive… but an orange living room probably isn’t for everybody.

The University of Iowa football team paints the locker rooms reserved for visiting teams pink because it has a calming, or sleepy effect of some kind. This makes me think of bee keepers dousing smoke on their bee hives or giving Benadryl to queasy travelers.

In my mind, white can be clean and crisp and fresh or sometimes white refers to plain or boring or vanilla… but why do we call white things vanilla? Vanilla beans and vanilla extract are as dark as pure cocoa.

I’ve heard that red makes people angry or passionate. If I like red, does it mean that I enjoy being angry or passionate? Sometimes when I’m modeling a fine breed of emotional sass or passion or just being feisty, others have written it off as simply a by-product of my red hair. But what about times when I’m more apathetic than feisty? Does my hair look less red?

I’ve enjoyed green as a favorite color now for some time, lately that attracts me to environmental advertising.

Just recently, Brandon and I were trying to pick our a color to paint a room that between now and November will convert into a nursery. After some thought we’ve settled on yellow, despite warnings. One friend claimed that babies cry more in yellow rooms.

Fascinating. Babies cry more in yellow rooms? I guess there’s research to prove it… but then again, there’s research to prove lots of things. Yellow goes so well with so many colors: pinks and oranges and reds and also blues and greens. What a peacemaker, bringing together such different colors. That’s called Juxtaposition.

You know, speaking of Juxtaposition, putting colors together to either compliment or clash is just a colorful representation of community. The beautiful paired with the ugly. The powerful paired with the meek. The loud and the reserved; the graceful, the intellectual, and the strong; the complex and the simple; the young and the old. Colors represent life.

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  1. susan

    My “red” living room (I must be passionate and angry too) has 6 coats trying to get the red I wanted… British Red Coat First coat painted too pink til we finally reached to right color. It’s not easy (being green)

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