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As a designer, it may be strange for me to admit that I’m not a huge wallpaper guy. I don’t really care for it on my walls and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t have wallpaper on my computer machine. Many of co-workers are confused by the black background that has been on my dual monitors roughly since I started working at my current employer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good wallpaper when I see it, it’s just I haven’t gotten into creating it.

However, I am constantly around wallpaper. It seems there are co-workers of mine that change their wallpaper on a weekly basis, and it’s custom created (on their free time of course). It’s always fun to see what they come up. I especially enjoy the wallpaper creations of the epicly bearded Joe Tower. You can find some of his wallpaper work on his site.

Yet, there still needs to be a cause to create wallpaper.

The Rally

This cause comes in the form of the Rally to Restore Sanity. This is an event that will occur this Saturday, October 30 on the Washington Mall. It is the brainchild of the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report’s Steven Colbert. The reason for the Rally is to encourage all Americans to tone down the political rhetoric that hampers the ability of the government to govern. For this reason, I think this rally is a tremendous idea.

One of the planned highlights of the Rally is the fact that the ralliers have been asked to bring non-controversial and sane signs. Stewart has suggested the following as signs:

  • “I understand I disagree with you. I’m okay with that.”
  • “I disagree with you, but you’re probably not Hitler.”
  • “Take it down a notch, for America”

My Sane Sign

Last week, Rachel and I were looking through user submitted signs on saneornot.com and I got the inspiration to come up with a few slogans myself. The best one I came up with was, “blankets are for naps not statements.” It’s unfortunate I can’t attend the rally to proudly wave my sign. But I still want to show my support for it.

I quickly concluded wallpaper seems to the best medium to achieve this. I also promise my co-workers I’ll get this up on the work machine ASAP, but I don’t want want to leave the loyal readers of this site without their own chance to use this wallpaper. Just click each thumbnail to open the larger image in your browser.

2 Responses to Rally to Restore Sanity Wallpaper

  1. dawnette

    I’m a fan.
    I also would love to be in Washington this weekend. Would love to see what America comes up with. I hope it’s truly sane :)

  2. Bryce

    Mad props! This better be up on your screen tomorrow. For sanity’s sake

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