Ranking Things: First Installment

I like to rank and predict things of little to big importance. In this installment, I rank the top current televisions shows, the best chicken sandwiches I have ever eaten, and I offer up my predictions for the 2010 AL Central Division.

Current TV Shows

  1. Modern Family – ABC. This show is brilliant and flat out funny.
  2. The Daily Show/ The Colbert Report – Comedy Central. Usually Spot on. Can’t put one ahead of the other.
  3. Chuck – NBC. Just a fun show. Not sure how long they can keep it going though.
  4. Survivor: Heroes vs Villians – Russell vs Boston Rob is the most entertaining rivalry this show has seen. Each is a very smart player willing to do anything, and they know the each other’s intentions. Russell’s latest move is perhaps the greatest in Survivor’s history.
  5. 30 Rock – NBC. This show just continues to grow on me.
  6. 24 – FOX. Kieffer just announced that this is Jack Bauer’s final hurrah on Network TV. Although a movie is in the work.
  7. The Office – NBC. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t seem to be getting better. Although the last few weeks have seemed to stop the bleeding. But where is it going?
  8. Faces of America – PBS. This was a three episode from Henry Louis Gates (the Harvard Professor who had the beer with Obama) in which he explores in great detail the genealogy of 10 celebrities. It was very well done, and politic free.

Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

  1. The best one I had was in Sydney, Australia right off a beach (I think Gold Beach), 10 or 11 years ago. I don’t know what it was called but it was clearly memorable.
  2. Barceló’s Portuguese Chicken at the Engen Petrol Station in Dar es Salaam, TZ. This is a South African based chain that just grew on me while in TZ. I still have random cravings, especially as I type.
  3. Recommendations? And please don’t say Chick-wich, the Chick-fill-a knock off in the Mall of America.

2010 AL Central Division Prediction

  1. Chicago White Sox (90+ wins). This is more than a fan wanting his team to win the division. They have a dominant rotation, strong bullpen, improved defense, and a solid, healthy offense. And judging from this Spring, look out for a resurgent Andruw Jones as a big surprise.
  2. Minnesota Twins (85-90 wins). The Twins will make it tough as usual, especially with their lineup (which is a top 5 offense in all the bigs). However, their pitching is just too weak. They will have to score 5 to win every night and they will miss the friendly Metrodome quirks of seasons past.
  3. Kansas City Royals (75-80 wins). The Ex-White Sox feature Scott Podsednik, Chris Getz, Josh Fields, Brian Anderson, and seemingly every other White Sox outcast from last year’s team. They will be in much improved team, but this division is a two horse race.
  4. Detroit Tigers (70-80 wins). They got Johnny Damon, but gave up too much this off-season to compete. Granderson and Polanco were the staples of that line-up and the pitching isn’t as deep as years past either.
  5. Cleveland Indians (rebuilding year). If LeBron leaves Cleveland during the summer, the fans will take it out on the Indians. Only in Cleveland.

5 Responses to Ranking Things: First Installment

  1. kate

    First, Russell’s move was only amazing because Tyson is so incredibly stupid. But that was definitely a great episode. Russell’s got to go next time. I now want Rob to win.

    Second, I love the teriyaki pineapple chicken sandwich at Rumbi’s (you will need a lot of napkins, or you can also choose to just not put the sandwich down once you’ve started eating, which I often choose to do) especially with sweet potato fries.

    Third, I am heartbroken about the Twins losing Joe Nathan for the season, but I am still hopeful that the team can figure it out in the new stadium. No small celebration that Joe Mauer signed an 8 year contract. :) Hometown boy stays home. :)

  2. Kai Thoni

    Dear Brandon,

    I love that you love to rank things. We all do this but far less overtly than you have here on this blog. It has inspired me to rank some things as well. Like, say, for instance: Restaurants in the Twin Cities:

    Best Chinese: Princess Garden on Rice Street
    Best Italian: Cossetta’s on Chestnut/St. Paul
    Best Ribs: Famous Dave’s
    Best Mexican: Boca Chica or La Casita or any number of Mama y Padre Taquerias around town
    Best Cheesecake: Debbie Toivola’s kitchen
    Best Roast Beef Sandwich: Mavericks on Lexington

    Thanks for the inspiration! Rachel says that I could start a blog…This could be fun! Bless you, and thanks for sharing. I love the drama of His wife. Her husband. Their blog!

  3. Kai Thoni

    P.S. Brandon, You should watch Who Are You Anyway on Friday nights….very interesting.

  4. Brandon

    Kai – Thanks for the suggestions, we will certainly have to try a few!

  5. Kyle Collins

    What about LOST? :)

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