Ranking Things: Second Installment

The First installment of Ranking Things has been a success. Thanks to those who commented and gave recommendations. So without further ado, here is round two, including browsers, burritos, and a broadcaster.

Internet Browsers

After my post on why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer, some have asked which browser I prefer. Here are my top three:

  1. Google Chrome: It is fast, secure, and did I mention fast? Plus many add-ons exist for customization.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: The only downside is it is the biggest browser of the three, and a bit of a memory hog. Upside: the web developer tools, including Firebug top those available to the rest.
  3. Apple Safari: Not a bad browser by any means. It is faster and plays videos better than Firefox, but just isn’t as customizable.


Burrito places are popping up left and right. I just want the world to know there are chains that are better than Chipotle.

  1. Pancheros: Just a brilliant burrito that starts with the tortilla. The fixings seem typical of other burrito joints except they have the option of adding queso cheese. However, the best part of this burrito is that the fixings are mixed together at the end. Seems like it’s too easy of an idea not to be done by the others.
  2. Qdoba: I think the strength of Qdoba is the cheese and will admit I usually get the quesadillas here. It’s not bad, just not as good as Pancheros.
  3. Chipotle: Okay, you’re not terrible. You have good ingredients, but you are so overrated. It starts with the lack of care taken from step 1 to the end in the process of the burritos creation. Scoop slide to the next person. Scoop slide to the person. Feel free to slow down just a tad to work on your accuracy. Really, there’s just too much inconsistency in each bite. Some bites have too much of only rice.
  4. Baja Sol: Just doesn’t make the cut, but they do give you all you can eat chips.

A Broadcaster

Best known for pointing out a competitors mother in the crowd; Jim Nantz is CBS’s numero uno broadcaster. Here is how I rank his broadcasting of each sport.

  1. Augusta (Golf): His poetic commentary of the event is quite comical at times. Last year I heard him say as a golfer was approaching Amen Corner, “Ah, he must be relishing as he basks in the warm applause of Augusta.” Seriously? So I watched it this year in anticipation of some more of these lines, but they just didn’t happen. I was disappointed a bit, but was relieved he drilled the reason why Phil Mickelson winning this year matters, because family matters. I am sure golf is relived a bit, as that will provide a welcomed relief from the endless Tiger and his mistresses talk.
  2. NFL: He does fine with the exception of his Belicheck and Brady Crush. He also makes one of my least favorite commentators in Phil Simms a bit tolerable at times.
  3. NCAA Basketball: For some reason he has a drop off. Maybe it is because the Final Four is the weekend before Augusta, or that he just doesn’t like basketball as much, or Clark Kellogg is really not that good. Can you imagine the end of the Butler/Duke game with Gus Johnson announcing? Come on CBS, think of your viewers! That is what we want.
  4. Commericals: He seems like the ultimate pitchman. Poised and polished, yet the content of his commercials seems to be blatantly sexist. Come on Jim, you’re capable of better commercials than this.

(A sexist commercial from Jim Nantz.)

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