Brandon just wrote this blog about web browsers. I highly recommend it.

When you start to spend time with a significant other, or even when you have developed a very close friendship, you start to share passions. Here are some examples of this that I’ve seen in my life and my friends’ lives:

Example 1:

I started dating Brandon and three months later I left the country for four months. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Uganda during my sophomore year of college. Like many trips to foreign countries are described, it was life-changing for me. Many things that I had thought true of myself, the world, and God began to drastically change. I came back and was sometimes cynical of the consumerism and commercialism at home. I had changed. Brandon didn’t really understand why I had changed as he missed that experience that triggered it all for me.

R&B on the roof of their house in Dar es Salaam, TZ

Brandon and I got married and 13 months later we both left the country. We had the opportunity to work at a k-12 international school in Tanzania. One of the main reasons we committed to such a trip, was for the intent of having a shared experience learning about another culture and that culture’s perspective. We could understand each other better, we could understand God better, and we could understand God’s creation better. I highly recommend it. The point is: I greatly value learning from cross-cultural experiences, and Brandon has learned to value this as well because he chose to be in relationship with me (I’m so glad!!)

Example 2:

I have a friend who loves Duke basketball. This Duke fan also enjoys kinesiology and is working towards his master’s degree in the field. Because he is learning a lot about bodies and biology and proper ways to work out and build muscle, he has many opinions about the best way to maintain your body. Here’s a specific example: the Duke fan is very adamant that stretching should not be done on cold muscles. In fact stretching, he’ll be very quick to point out, is not actually proven to prevent injury at all. Sometimes he gets a lot of friendly flack for this seemingly anti-stretching worldview that he holds.

The Duke fan was lucky enough to start dating one of my good friends (in fact, he was friends with her before I was, so I don’t really know what I’m doing trying to stake claim here, but it is my blog). She used to be one of those friendly flackers when it came to any serious condemnation of stretching, however it has been fun to watch her warm up to the education behind some of the Duke fan’s claims. He’s winning her over slowly but surely.

Shared passions aren’t necessarily a pre-requisite for any good relationship, but many times they do happen naturally. They happen back and forth, not just one individual doing all the shaping of the other, but both on both. Its kinda cool.

So, I come back to Brandon’s blog on a topic that might sound silly and unnecessary to many: how to choose the best internet browser. I would include this as something about which he has taught me a great deal. To me, I see comparisons between the popularity of Internet Explorer and the popularity of processed foods. Neither of them are the greatest products. Both of them are easy and convenient (mostly because IE is the status quo, most employers use it at their work stations, it comes standard on any PC, etc.).  But why settle for the status quo if there are better options? Especially free options in the case of internet browsers.

I know it may sound silly to proclaim so passionately about an issue that you may believe to be a very boring non-issue. I guess this was just my attempt at explaining why I do find the case against IE so interesting and frustrating at the same time. I am my husband’s wife.

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