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1. Basketball. Its march. That which is never seen might surprisingly rear its head for a few select weeks this spring. I never watch basketball, or had an interest for the game. However, filling out a bracket for March Madness not only tempts me to somewhat follow the tournament, but shoot, I could actually win something! Lest you think that all I care about are my potential winnings (which sadly, because I don’t follow basketball much at all outside of March, my brackets are usually only mediocre at best), let me also acknowledge that I celebrate the upsets, because who doesn’t picture themselves as Jonathon in this Goliath of a world. So nods to Northern Iowa, Butler, and St. Mary’s (with your five Aussies)! Even though you didn’t go all the way (except Butler, who still could…), you took some of the powerful down, and really shook things up, so thanks.

2. Girls Scouts. I started volunteering with a Girls Scout troop from our church. So far I’ve only been to two troop meetings but I’m already impressed. I’ve learned two or three really great “repeat after me” songs; one about a juicy moose and one about a hippo. Remember how fun it was to be a kid?? Plug for next year’s cookie sales: I can hook you up if you don’t already have an official hook up.

3. Conserving shampoo. I started trying this new practice in January of only washing my hair twice a week. It’s going well. Supposedly my hair is healthier, but I don’t know if I can tell a difference. I’ve been thinking very seriously about changing my hair in the last week or so and I’m open for suggestions. I’m getting board. What should I do with my hair?

4. Blogging. Well, according to this blog, I’m blogging again. Thanks to Brandon for the redesign.

5. New discoveries on itunes: tegan and sara, joshua james, and this song by Austin Hartley-Leonard and Kendall Jane Meade called “In My Sleep”. Ok, so I discovered that last song not on itunes, but on the latest episode of Chuck.

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  1. Becky Morrow

    I love doing a bracket every year, even though this year’s was particularily pathetic! I love the upsets and the “one and done” thing makes it that much more dramatic! Glad to see the blog going!

  2. kate

    Have them cut long layers. I wouldn’t cut it short because it’s so gorgeous long, but if you put in some long layers it will give it a more definite shape and movement as well as take out some of the weight. Plus it will look really pretty when you scrunch it or when you straighten it either way.

  3. Rachel

    Kate, Thanks for the suggestion. And I think I will seriously consider it… but the pull to do a dramatic change is always pretty great : ) Anyways, I’ll obviously post pictures if and when anything happens.

  4. Allison K

    I also find myself filling out a bracket every year, because Jon basically sets it in front of me and says “fill it out.” I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, and since I’m a math teacher I’d like to say that I’m basing all of my picks on probability, but I’m not! Despite all of my ignorance of college basketball, I have won every year (4 in a row) we’ve competed against each other!

    I also am a fan of the blog. I enjoy reading what you have to say, thanks for inviting me :)

  5. Kai Thoni

    This has nothing to do with trends…although what I have to say may start one. The series that I told you about today is Larkrise to Candleford. I sent an e-mail home to remind myself to bring the DVDs for season one to school for you to begin the journey….

    PS: Each episode has sort of a theme…look for the themes. It makes it more fun!

  6. Kai Thoni

    As regards your hair…you are not getting board (although, by washing your hair only twice a week, this may be true also!). You are getting bored. Don’t do anything too drastic yet. Let’s talk!

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