Today in Minneapolis, one look outdoors offers a reminder that winter is not yet over. A few months ago, back when people were excited about the first major snowfalls (at least the winter enthusiasts) I revisited a simple craft that I had last attempted in third grade: cut out snowflakes. Except, this time around I noticed the benefits of having further developed fine motor skills. : ) A friend of mine and I hung a bunch of them up for one of our beloved co-workers. This way we can celebrate the beauty of snow from the warmth of inside.

Now, while being frustrated by the constant berating of snow, and somewhat hopeless at the sign of so much snow so late in the season, I find cutting out these winter beauties somewhat therapeutic.

3 Responses to Snow Showers

  1. consecrated

    love. love. love. :)

  2. Brenda Biere

    Wonderful snowflakes! I love them all. (And I do agree with you that it’s nicer to have them hanging inside than falling outside at this stage in the game…however, I do enjoy it when I’m looking out on a “blizzard-y” night and feeling nice and cozy inside by the fire!)

  3. courtney

    i love your snowflakes…i’m glad that original snow flake idea started after the wonderful display of skyler’s! HA! happy snow day!

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