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Necessary Book Reviews Part 1: So Much!

My nine month old daughter is now finally playing with a few of the many books that have been given to her. I was a little worried at her lack of interest back when she lacked the strength and muscle control to turn pages, but now, her Baby Touch and Feel Animals is one of her all time faves. In fact, now that she has gained the strengths and muscle “control”, I’m a little worried that the book has unknowingly come under a new destiny of being ripped apart someday. Continue reading

Unnecessary Book Review: Baby Touch and Feel Animals

As a new dad, I have been exposed to a new world of books. Namely, books designed for babies. My daughter is now nearly five months old and is beginning to touch everything and put everything into her mouth. I’m beginning to learn that the baby book industry (aka ‘Big Baby Book’) is catering to this high demand. Pages are typically indestructible and edible chewable. Continue reading

April Book: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Even though it is technically May, I wanted to catch you all up on what I have been reading during the last month and my quick thoughts on it. I chose to read Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey because I understood that usually when I read the Bible, I feel like I’m seriously missing something… the Bible should be more significant and brilliant than I was finding it. Continue reading