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Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minnesota

UPDATE: After feedback on this design, I iterated and came up with a design I’m much happier with. Please visit the new post. Continue reading

Tis the Season to Go Back to School

When the end of August rolls around, I am really tiring of the heat. I begin to look forward to fall, the season of light jackets, turning leaves, local football, sweatshirts, and the next season of Survivor. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the newness that the new school year brings. Continue reading

The CMS is Dead: Thoughts from DrupalCon Portland

I’m just getting back from DrupalCon in the so weird it ceases to be weird city of Portland, Oregon. Here are the major points I got out of it with links to a few sessions: Continue reading

United States in Texture Wallpaper

While writing my recent post about redrawing the state lines, I came across a few maps featuring different layouts for maps. Three maps stood out that drew inspiration for a custom map themed wallpaper. The following is a list of the maps: Continue reading

A New Year, A New Design for rachelbrandon.com

At a New Year’s gathering I was asked (forced) to put a resolution into a bottle to be revisited next year. Not wanting to fail and having a desire to accomplish something in 2011, I decided on the following approach:

Complete one of the following in 2011: Continue reading

Rally to Restore Sanity Wallpaper

As a designer, it may be strange for me to admit that I’m not a huge wallpaper guy. I don’t really care for it on my walls and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t have wallpaper on my computer machine. Many of co-workers are confused by the black background that has been on my dual monitors roughly since I started working at my current employer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good wallpaper when I see it, it’s just I haven’t gotten into creating it.
Continue reading

Everywhere Design: Cringe

Being a designer has never been easier. In fact, more people than ever are designing.

Simply consider how laborious design was on an early printing press. I can imagine the painstaking placement of each letter into the press, while knowing full well a mistake would be costly. Imagine carving out by hand images, shapes, and symbols, to help make your words more attractive. Continue reading