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Reflections on Motherhood for Mothers Day

Recently I’ve been reflecting on Motherhood (in addition to doing motherhood). Maybe it has something to do with wanting to be able to say wonderful things to the mothers in my life on Mothers Day and in order to do that well and to say true and uplifting things instead of empty or Hallmark marketed things that don’t actually have the thought behind them. Continue reading

Ending the Cycle of Violence

A few hours after the explosions at the Boston Marathon, the President took to the podium to say roughly: we will find out who did it and why and they will be held accountable. We knew exactly what he meant. The perpetrator(s) will meet a violent end. The American public will expect nothing less.

Continue reading

Dealing with Tragedy: Thoughts on God’s Love Not Wrath

I’m aware that humankind has been trying to explain unexplainable tragedy and suffering since the dawn of time. Earlier this summer our very own North Minneapolis was hit by a F2 tornado on the same day that Joplin, MO was hit by an even more devastating F5 twister. These images reminded me of the images of Japan; which reminded me of images of Haiti; which reminded me of merciless acts of nature like Katrina and the tsunami off the coast of Indonesia. All told, these disasters have really made me think about the human bucket of attempted reason. Continue reading

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve been thinking a lot about this phrase recently. What is the bliss of ignorance and what is the burden of knowledge?

Last weekend, I went to a play that was set, for a portion, in the Garden of Eden, portraying a perspective of God creating the world and humanity. In the play, Eve was depicted as a spunky question-er; somebody who was excited about learning things and exploring nature and beauty. She had a spark and a drive that wasn’t quenchable. Continue reading