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The latest design for a new Minnesota flag is inspired by l’etoile du nord

During the summer, I wrote a post explaining why the state of Minnesota needs a new flag and I presented a loon focused replacement. After posting, I was looking around for places to share the design and came across a Facebook Group dedicated to a new flag for Minnesota. I joined, shared the link, received very helpful feedback and was inspired to develop a much better design. Continue reading

Adventures in Vexillology: The Top 10 Best Designed Flags

David, the mind and Maus behind the always thought provoking mindofmaus.wordpress.com, recently approached me with an idea for a collaborative blog post. Here is the chat excerpt:

“…we each write a post or series of posts ranking our top [10] picks for best national flag. You do it from a design perspective. I’ll rank them on historical/political symbolism…” Continue reading

Ranking the Best and Worst License Plates

The license plate game is the quest to find all 50 state plates in one road trip. As a kid, my dad would play this game on every trip we took. During the times I sat shotgun,  I remember being ready to cross another state off the list as soon as we saw a new plate. This was always fun and exciting for me as I have always been a bit of a political geography junkie. Continue reading

Why Not? My Quest to Realign the 50 States

Rachel is currently in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania working on a graduate degree. Naturally, I wanted to learn more about Pittsburgh (Geography nerd tag). Through Wikipedia (I didn’t mention thorough readings), I learned that Pittsburghians do not necessarily associate with the state of Pennsylvania. They are located at the edge of the Midwest, Northeast, Rust Belt, and Appalachia. One person even called them the ‘Paris of Appalachia’.
Continue reading