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The World Basketball Cup: A Tournament to Save the NBA

This past Saturday, I decided to watch the EuroBasket tournament semi-finals and finals instead of NCAA football. It was exciting basketball played at a high quality. Spain is simply an incredible team, featuring the Gasol brothers and four other current NBA players (and a few former ones too). They ended up defeating Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Nicolas Batum, and the rest of France in the title game. That’s a lot of talent. It proves that the the rest of the world is catching up to US. Continue reading

Ushering in a New Era of Soccer

Lately there has been some talk coming from Barcelona saying they would like to see an expanded Champions League at the expense of a shortened La Liga. I have to say that I am in favor of this. I am even in favor of going so far in creating an European Super League. I would much rather see a Barca/Arsenal match-up more often than watch Barca whoop up on another low-level Spanish club like Levante. And to think Barca could play Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter, and the likes of Bayern Munich on a weekly basis gets me excited. Continue reading

Old Rivals Entertain

For those of you with access to ESPN360 (soon to be ESPN3), you understand the breadth and width of the sporting events that come straight to your computer. Tonight was no expectation. I found a gem; a playoff match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.
Continue reading