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Play 60 Not 200: Proposed NFL Rule Changes for Picking up the Pace

Every year NFL games seem to get longer and longer. Most take three to three and a half real hours to play 60 minutes of actual game. So lets pick up the pace a bit by setting a goal to have games played in a 2.5 hour window. Here’s how: Continue reading

The World Basketball Cup: A Tournament to Save the NBA

This past Saturday, I decided to watch the EuroBasket tournament semi-finals and finals instead of NCAA football. It was exciting basketball played at a high quality. Spain is simply an incredible team, featuring the Gasol brothers and four other current NBA players (and a few former ones too). They ended up defeating Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Nicolas Batum, and the rest of France in the title game. That’s a lot of talent. It proves that the the rest of the world is catching up to US. Continue reading

PART 2: Better Basketball: Professional Club Teams.

In Part 1, I laid out the some of the problems facing amateur basketball in the United States. I highly recommend reading Part 1 first.

I fully acknowledge that a new system for basketball is extremely controversial and would be tough to implement. But I don’t know if implementation after writing this post is the goal. Continue reading

PART 1: Saving American Basketball.

John Wall and John Calipari chat with Erin Andrews while simultaneously destroying amateur basketball. Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnjn/4357021528/

Recently, I read an article on ESPN.com about how the recruiting process is ruining college basketball. To me, it wasn’t the fact that some coaches break the rules to recruit kids, its that most of them cheat to recruit players. This is just one of the new revelations that is destroying amateur basketball. Continue reading

June Sports Catch-Up

It seems utterly perplexing and egregious, that this past month has gone by without me blogging about sports. Seriously, we are in the midst of the World Cup, had a thrilling NBA Finals, a Chicago team won the Stanley Cup, Nebraska joined the Big Ten, I had a 7 for 7 softball game, and my White Sox clobbered the powerhouses of Pittsburgh, Washington, and the North Siders to get within 2 games of the division lead. Therefore, I’m getting out my inner Bill Simmons and going to town. Continue reading

Bye, Bye Bron Bron?

The NBA playoffs have another month left and all I care about is the start of Free Agency. So it doesn’t matter if Superman shines, ‘Sheed punches Artest, or if Gasol gets a haircut. This is because Bron Bron is out. Wade is out. Boozer is out. Bosh is out. Joe Johnson is out. And all of them seem like they want to catch the next bus to either Chicago or New York. But should LeBron? Continue reading

If I were NBA Commissioner…

by: Brandon

If you asked me what I would do if money weren’t an option, I’d say NBA Commissioner. And as such, I will spell out in detail my major platform, so to speak, towards improving the quality of the NBA. Continue reading