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The hypocrisy between a country’s political philosophy and how its sports leagues are run

Julio is a American from Alabama. He just received his Masters in Engineering, tops in his class, from MIT. But this year, the top 100 engineering firms got together and selected one by one candidates to fill their available positions. It ensured that engineering talent was properly spread out around the country and decreased costs on the hiring process. The companies also determined that the underperforming firms would get to choose their candidates first. Continue reading

Ending the Cycle of Violence

A few hours after the explosions at the Boston Marathon, the President took to the podium to say roughly: we will find out who did it and why and they will be held accountable. We knew exactly what he meant. The perpetrator(s) will meet a violent end. The American public will expect nothing less.

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Rally to Restore Sanity Wallpaper

As a designer, it may be strange for me to admit that I’m not a huge wallpaper guy. I don’t really care for it on my walls and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t have wallpaper on my computer machine. Many of co-workers are confused by the black background that has been on my dual monitors roughly since I started working at my current employer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good wallpaper when I see it, it’s just I haven’t gotten into creating it.
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If Obama is a Muslim, is he isn't very good at it

In the last couple of weeks a report came out suggesting that 18% of Americans believe that President Obama is in fact a Muslim. That’s a higher percentage than there are dissenting dentists! Think about it, typically 9 out of 10 dentists agree.
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Contradictions and Inconsistencies

It’s always funny to read a news article on a news site and then jump to the comment section. It is usually in the comment section where the misinformation of news, politics, and events play out. For instance, I just read an article about people protesting outside of Wrigley Field. Continue reading