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Adventures in Vexillology: The Top 10 Best Designed Flags

David, the mind and Maus behind the always thought provoking mindofmaus.wordpress.com, recently approached me with an idea for a collaborative blog post. Here is the chat excerpt:

“…we each write a post or series of posts ranking our top [10] picks for best national flag. You do it from a design perspective. I’ll rank them on historical/political symbolism…” Continue reading

Ranking Things: Second Installment

The First installment of Ranking Things has been a success. Thanks to those who commented and gave recommendations. So without further ado, here is round two, including browsers, burritos, and a broadcaster.
Continue reading

Ranking Things: First Installment

I like to rank and predict things of little to big importance. In this installment, I rank the top current televisions shows, the best chicken sandwiches I have ever eaten, and I offer up my predictions for the 2010 AL Central Division. Continue reading