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The latest design for a new Minnesota flag is inspired by l’etoile du nord

During the summer, I wrote a post explaining why the state of Minnesota needs a new flag and I presented a loon focused replacement. After posting, I was looking around for places to share the design and came across a Facebook Group dedicated to a new flag for Minnesota. I joined, shared the link, received very helpful feedback and was inspired to develop a much better design. Continue reading

Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minnesota

UPDATE: After feedback on this design, I iterated and came up with a design I’m much happier with. Please visit the new post. Continue reading

Adventures in vexillology – a new flag for Minneapolis

A good city flag can provide a rallying point for civic pride and the template for the design code of a city. Just look to Chicago or Washington DC as examples. Unfortunately, in a TED Talk, Public Radio podcaster Roman Mars points out that most city flags are abominations and embarrassments. While I was relieved that my home city of Minneapolis wasn’t on Mars’ worst list, I also couldn’t tell you what our flag looked like. Thats not good. A good flag will be flown. Continue reading

A New Year, A New Design for rachelbrandon.com

At a New Year’s gathering I was asked (forced) to put a resolution into a bottle to be revisited next year. Not wanting to fail and having a desire to accomplish something in 2011, I decided on the following approach:

Complete one of the following in 2011: Continue reading