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How to remove bribery from FIFA’s World Cup selection process

I’ve been hooked. The first three weeks of this World Cup has featured some of the most brilliant and exciting soccer ever played. However, in the back of my mind I’m still thinking about Qatar hosting a World Cup. Seriously, after watching players struggle to play in the heat and humidity of Brazil, is FIFA still planning on holding a World Cup in the much hotter Qatar? Even after the corrupt voting process where millions of dollars of bribes were used to sway votes to a plan that shouldn’t even been on the table? Even after the known abuses toward a captive migrant workforce? Continue reading

The hypocrisy between a country’s political philosophy and how its sports leagues are run

Julio is a American from Alabama. He just received his Masters in Engineering, tops in his class, from MIT. But this year, the top 100 engineering firms got together and selected one by one candidates to fill their available positions. It ensured that engineering talent was properly spread out around the country and decreased costs on the hiring process. The companies also determined that the underperforming firms would get to choose their candidates first. Continue reading

How to have a NCAA Champion without Computers, Polls, or Committees

Thankfully this is the final year of the BCS in college football. However, the system being put in place is still prone to controversy. Only four teams will be in a playoff decided upon by a committee, leaving many potentially worthy teams out. While the new playoff system is better than the BCS, it is not bulletproof. College football needs to be able to crown a champion that is undisputed. Here’s how. Continue reading

Play 60 Not 200: Proposed NFL Rule Changes for Picking up the Pace

Every year NFL games seem to get longer and longer. Most take three to three and a half real hours to play 60 minutes of actual game. So lets pick up the pace a bit by setting a goal to have games played in a 2.5 hour window. Here’s how: Continue reading

Is the NFL Not For Longer?

I like the game of football. In fact, I like all codes of football. Each year I seem to gain more of a respect and interest in the code where players use their feet and can’t use the hands (unless you are a Frenchman). In college, I enjoyed playing a version where two straight queues smash into one another in remembrance of the long lost form of 17th – 19th century warfare (a.k.a rugby). There’s even a version Down Under that requires the occasional (perhaps unnecessary) dribble of the ball that will pique my interest from time to time. Continue reading