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United States in Texture Wallpaper

While writing my recent post about redrawing the state lines, I came across a few maps featuring different layouts for maps. Three maps stood out that drew inspiration for a custom map themed wallpaper. The following is a list of the maps: Continue reading

Power of Word Wallpaper

Sometimes I like to design… I’m lucky because since I’m married to a graphic designer, I get to play on his cool expensive design software that I certainly could not afford to pack on my own laptop just for fun.

Sometimes I’ll design something and think… “huh, no what in the world would I ever do with this… I suppose if I ever REALLY liked something I made, I could print it out and hang it on my refrigerator” But today I’m displaying something I made that Brandon thought keen to turn into a wallpaper. Continue reading

Rally to Restore Sanity Wallpaper

As a designer, it may be strange for me to admit that I’m not a huge wallpaper guy. I don’t really care for it on my walls and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t have wallpaper on my computer machine. Many of co-workers are confused by the black background that has been on my dual monitors roughly since I started working at my current employer. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good wallpaper when I see it, it’s just I haven’t gotten into creating it.
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