I love having people over to our home for two reasons: It’s fun to be with people you love and it motivates Brandon and I to clean our home. Sometimes I dream about what it would be like to invite everyone we know over (I mean, everyone we like), all of our friends from many different circles: family, church, work, college, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t currently live in a home big enough to host such a large gathering, nor do I think it likely that we will ever own a home large enough to hold all the people we enjoy spending time with at one time, but its fun to imagine.

Actually, our small living room is not the only barrier to this dream, at least it isn’t the only barrier until telaporting becomes possible. Its just not realistic to think that our friends who live across the country or the planet could skip on over for coffee. (And even though I don’t drink coffee, I have a coffee pot for such an occasion!)

And another actually, we find that many people are curious about what our living situation is like given the fact that we live in a dorm on a college campus. Even though we live right next door to students, our apartment is really quite normal. Here, I’ll show you! (commence photo tour!)

Our front door has name tags from all three of the RAs who have lived on our hall the past three years. An RA made those paper Rachel and Brandons under our bulletin board too.

This is a shot of our living room from the front door.

this is our book case. today I admitted to somebody that I sometimes view our book case as a trophy case... I hope that's ok.

We call this guy SteelFace (I know, real creative) and he sits on our trophy - I mean book case. He is one of the pieces of art that we brought back from Tanzania. As you may be able to see, he was made from various bits of scrap metal, but as you probably can't see, he was made by Tanzanian polio victims. If he could talk, he would tell me where my keys are when I am frantically running around looking for them.

this is our Africa wall. also, this is our orange wall. i love love love it.

this is our family wall, more specifically parents and grandparents (and us). it is also our tv wall, however these days we watch more tv on our computer than we do on that tv.

This is a close up of our family pictures. the wall is actually white, it just looks orange in the pictures. sorry to cause confusion.

this is in the corner by the closet (there's not picture of the closet you'll just have to trust me that we have one) the mirror came from an old Holiday Inn. Those books are not on the book case because they haven't yet been conquered - I mean read. The flowers are from my friend Faith's wedding two years ago (the only wedding that I have been in besides mine!)

Ooops, we skipped over this chair. I think this is a cool chair. and I think that its even cooler that I got it for free because a student didn't want to take it with her when she moved out of campus housing at the end of last year.

Now we're in the hallway, we've passed the bathroom (again, no picture, just please trust me that we do have a bathroom). this, as you can see, is our wall of ChiSox treasures. yes, that is an artical that Brandon wrote about the Sox that was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune once upon a time. Yes, we had it framed, ha.

This is our kitchen from the hall way. It's pretty small.

Most people think this is pretty funny: that white box right there... that's a baby dishwasher! we bought it on Craigslist for like $50 when we moved in. As for the rest of this selving unit: we don't have much cupboard space, so this is where we keep most of our dishes and some pantry-type items.

Well, that’s our place. We don’t show guests our bedrooms, but we have two of them. One of them is for sleeping, the other is my office/junk room/guest bedroom if guests need to spend the night. Its not too glamorous.

Well, that’s all. No more pictures. No more commentary.

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